The Embalmer
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The Embalmer

Watch The Embalmer (2002) : Full Movie Online Free Peppino is an aging taxidermist constantly ridiculed for being short and somewhat creepy. He meets Valerio, a handsome young man fascinated by Peppino's work. Peppino, in turn, becomes entranced by Valerio and offers him a large salary to come work as his assistant. But when Valerio meets Deborah, their fledgling romance is threatened by an insanely jealous third wheel.

Production Countries: Italy

Quality: HD

Rating: 6.8

Casts: Ernesto Mahieux, Valerio Foglia Manzillo, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Lina Bernardi, Pietro Biondi, Marcella Granito, Giuseppe Arena, Bernardino Terracciano, Vincenzo Puocci, Valentino Puocci, Antonella Lori

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